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Day and night face serum. Deeply moisturising, illuminating and smoothing. Fast absorbing, lightweight and non-greasy formula with concentrated amount of Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid deeply hydrates, illuminates and plumps up your skin increasing collagen production and protecting from pollution. Glucono delta lactone added to our serum is a strong antioxidant with skin regenerating, moisturising and firming properties. It reduces pore size, wrinkles, blemishes and boosts skin's natural immunity. Serum is based on moisturising and brightening Organic Rose Water with a drop of juicy strawberry extract. Also contains soothing Panthenol to reduce redness. Serum intensively hydrates, smoothes out wrinkles and imperfections and illuminates skin preparing it for your main day/night moisturiser. Suitable for all skin types. 

Siero alla Fragola 30ml

SKU: 029
28,84£ Prezzo regolare
20,19£Prezzo scontato
  • Utilizzare due volte al giorno su cleansed viso e collo. Seguire con una crema idratante per il viso/olio.

  • Acqua di fiori di rosa damascena, sodio ascorbil fosfato (vit C), pantenolo, ialuronato di sodio, glucono delta lattone, estratto di fragaria vesca (fragola), alcool benzilico, acido salicilico, glicerina, acido sorbico

Mayka Skincare™ 

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