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Tamanu Oil- Nature's Secret Miracle from the tropical countries of South East Asia....

Unique, Healing, Powerful Oil used traditionally by Natives to treat almost every skin condition and by Polynesian women to promote clear, smooth, healthy and blemish-free skin. The Tamanu tree blooms twice a year giving fruits that taste similar to apples and hide a large nut inside. The nut kernel is dried in the Sun until it becomes sticky with a dark, thick, rich oil. It is then traditionally cold pressed to give us this amazing oil. What is absolutely UNIQUE about it? Tamanu oil has an ability of NEW TISSUE FORMATION, confirmed by Scientific Studies which showed a significant improvement in appearance of scars after applying Tamanu Oil twice a day for 6 weeks. It also has a whole lot of other skin benefits: it protects from humidity, wind and Sun by providing natural UV protection, it's nourishing, healing, antibacterial, anti inflammatory, anti fungal, moisturising, antiviral, regenerating and antioxidant. All wonderful properties of Tamanu Oil are locked in many different skincare products, especially: ANTI ACNE products due to healing, soothing and antibacterial properties ANTI AGEING products due to repairing, new tissue formation, antioxidant and smoothing properties STRETCH MARKS/SCARS treating products by preventing them and significantly improving the appearance of existing ones. Mayka products containing Cold Pressed Tamanu Oil: Stretch Marks Butter Vitamin C Collagen Boost face cream

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