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Natural vs. Conventional Skin Care?

‘Store' cosmetics - usually more popular, cheaper, mass-produced, with beautiful labels, gold-plated packaging, lush descriptions and TV advertising.

What about the inside? Well, we will learn the whole truth about a given product not from all the sources listed above, but only by reading its full ingredients list.

What is the difference between store-bought cosmetics and natural ones?


Water is must ingredient of all emulsions, most of the active ingredients such as vitamin C or niacinamide, dissolve in it, thanks to which they are absorbed deep into the skin where they can fulfill their most important functions.

In most cosmetics, both conventional and store-bought, you will find the name 'aqua' on the label, which means that an ordinary distilled water was used in it.

At Mayka Skincare we use only organic floral waters, so-called hydrosols, obtained by distillation of various plant parts, e.g. rose petals or bitter orange flowers. What's so special about hydrosols? In addition to the fact that they transport active ingredients (just like water), they also moisturize, soothe, refresh, regenerate, calm, soften and harmonize the skin.


To create an emulsion, we need water and oils. In traditional cosmetics, paraffin (paraffinum liquidum), made from crude oil, is high on the list. It is not necessarily a dangerous substance for the skin, but it does not have any other benefits apart from protecting it against water loss.

In Mayka cosmetics, the base of each cream is organic, unrefined butter and oils. For example, the base for the Q10 boost cream is nourishing, protective Shea and Mango butters as well as regenerating oils rich in vitamins and fatty acids - sea buckthorn, rose hip and argan.


Remember that chances are small for lively pink cream with a strawberry scent to be natural. You will probably find dye and perfume in it.

Our cosmetics only smell with what they are made of. Their color depends on the oil used, e.g. dark green Tamanu or vivid red Sea Buckthorn. They smell naturally with essential oils, offering our skin, in addition to a wonderfully soothing aroma, also the power of active ingredients and healing properties.


Not necessarily. All cosmetics marketed in the European Union are subject to strict assessments and there is no possibility of them being dangerous to our health. Therefore, there are many myths about silicones, parabens and pegs, and although in my opinion they do not pose a real threat, they are not necessary - at least in our products and that is the only reason we do not use them. We choose natural, therapeutic and holistic options wherever possible without losing effectiveness and results.


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