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Pamper your skin on colder days

The Autumn- Winter season is in full bloom, shorter days - longer evenings, different ways, more rest under a warm blanket, a cup of warm tea with raspberry juice, a hot bath - everyone has their own winter rituals.

Do you also change your skin care routine after a hot summer?

Temperature differences, cold and wind, polluted and dry air, heating, as well as the autumn tiredness and body fatigue are definitely non friendly circumstances for our skin. Result: dry, dehydrated, rough and dull skin. How to prevent this?

Although it is not necessary to replace all cosmetics used in summer, it is worth remembering a few important rules for autumn and winter care.


Choose gentle but effective skin cleansing cosmetics based on natural, skin-healthy oils. Thoroughly remove all-day impurities and makeup. Use mild gels, foams or soaps to wash your facial skin. Make sure that the Inci composition does not contain strong detergents such as SLS or SLES or alcohols, and instead look for mild ones, such as Decyl Glucoside.


Although in Autumn we are not as thirsty as in hot summer, proper hydration of the body is one of the keys to beautiful and healthy skin, so try to drink about 1.5-2 liters of water a day.

In addition, choose cosmetics rich in glycerin and hyaluronic acid, which will help you retain moisture in your skin for longer.

The addition of active ingredients such as vitamins C, A and E and cold-pressed oils will provide your skin with an appropriate dose of nutritional ingredients. Don't forget about regenerating and nourishing masks (soon in Mayka).


Strengthening and taking care of the proper hydrolipid barrier of the skin is the most important point of the Autumn and Winter programme.

After providing the skin with an appropriate dose of hydration,

it's time to moisturize - gently for oily and combination skin (e.g. using jojoba oil) or proper for dry skin (shea butter, Macadamia oil).

Butters and oils will leave a protective layer on your skin, which, like a warm blanket, will protect it against drying and negative weather conditions.


Autumn is exfoliation time. Peelings and scrubs will help you get rid of dead skin, even out your skin tone, stimulate circulation, smooth out and prepare your skin to accept nourishing and active ingredients.

For the face, choose enzyme peels (soon in Mayka) and for the body, choose sweet, sugar scrubs.

In the Autumn season, it is also worth using acid treatments.


Long evenings are perfect for body oiling. An intensely smoothing, nourishing, warming oil with a sweet and relaxing aroma is ideal. It will wrap your skin like a warm blanket, leaving it soft and velvety smooth for a long time.


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