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Mayka is a Natural, Vegan, Hand Crafted in the UK Skincare brand for conscious customers, who choose their face and body care products very carefully. Inside our cosmetics you can discover surprisingly effective botanicals from all over the World blended with modern, exciting, active cosmetic ingredients. Made with Love and Passion for Nature, offer you amazing results confirmed by hundreds of our satisfied customers.

Our story starts back in 2014 when our youngest child suffered from skin problems, dry skin and eczema. Through the long journey of looking for best products to use on his skin we came up with an idea of making it ourselves using best possible ingredients. As this helped soothe his skin a lot, we started making other products for ourselves, friends and family. That is how it started, how the passion began. Below you can meet our amazing team that we managed to create through the past years.

Sylwia Marchewka Mayka Skincare™
hand made Mayka Skincare™
eco packaging Mayka Skincare™
Mayka Skincare workshop
team Mayka Skincare™

All Mayka Skincare products comply with current EU Regulations and are registered

on CPNP 

safe cosmetics Mayka Skincare™
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