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Amazing Collageneer®

As you know, Mayka Skincare products are all Vegan. This does not mean they cannot be effective! In fact they can be far more effective than products containing animal derived ingredients like Collagen. For the needs of our Vegan, Active, Natural Products we have researched and imported this incredible, patented botanical extract called Collageneer. Active, firming, remodelling, anti ageing ingredient produced in only one place in the World, by French laboratory- Laboratories Expanscience. What it is exactly and how it works on our skin? Collageneer® is extracted from the sweet, white lupine seed coatings (lupeol) solubilised in Sunflower Oil and stabilised with Natural Vitamin E. Produced with a patented extraction method without use of preservatives or synthetics.

This amazing ingredient stimulates the synthesis of a high quality collagen to increase elasticity and firmness in the skin helping to remodel the facial contour. In-vitro tests showed that lupeol increased production of type I collagen by 46% during a 72 hour treatment. In-vivo tests showed that 92% volunteers noticed significantly improved firmness of the skin after using cream with Collageneer® for 89 days.

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