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Eye care- the earlier the better

In the past, it was believed that we should not worry about the skin around the eyes too early and it was recommended to use cosmetics intended for these areas only after the age of 35.

And yet this is such a busy area of ​​our face, from morning to night it serves us when we blink, laugh, talk and squint. Moreover, the skin in this area is thin, delicate, almost without sebaceous glands and more exposed to the negative impact of external factors such as UV rays, wind, frost and air pollution.

This results in faster drying, dehydration, greater sensitivity and the faster appearance of the first wrinkles. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the eye area first, home remedies which I will tell you about in a moment, as well as appropriate cosmetics, you can start using around the age of 20.

Beauty routine that can help you achieve a healthy skin around the eyes:

  • drink a lot of water and get some good sleep

  • protect your skin from the Sun

  • make sure you clean these areas properly, remove all impurities with delicate products without alcohol or detergents such ssls or sles

  • apply moisturising, soothing and protective skin care products

  • When applying the serum/cream, perform a massage for a few minutes, which will improve blood and lymph microcirculation, oxygenate the epidermis and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

Skin with a tendency to accumulate lymph = swelling

Blood vessels that can be seen through the skin = dark circles

Home remedies for beautiful skin around the eyes:

  • fresh cucumber slices work wonders - they moisturize, brighten, refresh, and neutralize free radicals

  • 15-minute homemade masks: natural yogurt + blended parsley is full of vitamins and soothes irritations; avocado + honey is nutrition and a dose of fatty acids; grated potato helps with swelling; you can use coffee, egg and many other ingredients from Nature in your home SPA.

  • green tea, chamomile, linden, calendula, sage, eyebright infusions can also work wonders

  • Put your favorite serum/night cream in the fridge and after cleansing your face, apply a cold cosmetic under your eyes. You can also do an ice cube massage in the morning.

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Sylwia Marchewka


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