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Flower Waters

Pure, fresh, fragrant flower waters are the base for Mayka products. What are they and why they are better than just regular water commonly used in commercial skincare?

Real flower water is a by- product of the flowers and herbs steam distillation process that produces the essential oils. The steam takes away small particles of water insoluble oils and when chilled turns into water with the essential oil floating on the top. The oil is then skimmed off and the remaining water is a real hydrosol. It contains many therapeutic, healing, energetic, moisturising and beautifying properties that can be very beneficial when used in skincare products. For each skin types, different flower waters are used.... -ROSE WATER made from Bulgarian Rose petals is a great ingredient for dry, mature skin. It is regenerating, antioxidant, improves elasticity and stimulates the circulation of tiny blood vessels. Rose Water is a base for our:

Anti Wrinkle Q10 Boost face cream and Strawberry Serum with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid -LAVENDER WATER is gentle, calming, restorative. It soothes and balances dry, oily, sensitive and mature skin. It is also antiseptic and has anti ageing properties. We use Lavender Water in :

'Magic Eyes' eye cream 'Moisture Boost' face cream 'Repairing Hand Cream' -CHAMOMILE WATER is healing, relaxing, moisturising, restorative, perfect for dry and sensitive skin. It helps to reduce inflammation and puffiness and soothes tired eyes. We use Chamomile Water in our 'Magic Eyes' eye cream -ORANGE FLOWER WATER (NEROLI) is very mild, soothing, moisturising hydrosol great for every skin type. It regulates sebum production, reduces inflammation, is refreshing and antiseptic. Works well for oily, acne prone skin and is also beneficial for mature skin as it promotes the regeneration of new skin cells. We use Neroli Water in our 'Vitamin C Collagen Boost' face moisturiser

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