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Mayka Skincare products for different skin types: Problematic Skin

The question you can see on the above image is the most popular one, that appears in the messages I get from you. That's why I thought it would be easier for you if I created a mini guide for those who are not sure which of our products to choose.

Today I will start with Problematic Skin and systematically be adding other skin types to my blog.

As you can see on the above image, problematic skin is shiny, has larger pores and produces too much sebum. Products that I recommend for this type of skin have abilities of regulating sebum production, brightening blemishes and refreshing skin.


Strawberry Serum with Vitamin C, Glucono-delta-Lactone and Hyaluronic Acid is a great boost of balance and moisture for problematic skin type and prepares skin for next step of your daily skin care routine.

Vitamin C Boost face cream is a light, refreshing, antibacterial moisturiser that balances skin, regulates sebum production and brightens blemishes and imperfections. Contains Organic Orange flower water, Vitamin C and cold pressed Tamanu Oil.

Balancing Night Face Serum with skin normalising Retinol and oils that reduce sebum production, improve skin's tone, texture and regenerate skin while we sleep.

Apple Rich Cleansing Oil is a mild cleanser that will remove make up, grease and dirt effortlessly without drying out skin. Apple seed oil contains natural sulfur that helps to combat acne.

Black African Soap helps with all skin inflammations like acne, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis. Cleans thoroughly without damaging skin's natural barrier. Helps with blackheads.

Herbal Soap is a mild, SLS, SLES, Paraben free soap with antibacterial Tamanu, Lavender, Lemon and Tea Tree Oils.

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