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Apple Cleansing

Proper make-up removal and skin cleansing process can be a time-consuming ritual that is definitely worth investing in, because it quickly pays off with healthier skin, beautiful color, well moisturized and nourished skin.

If we do not pay enough attention to this important step in everyday skin care routine, the residue of cosmetics and make up used on the previous days, will remain on our skin, resulting in irritation, blackheads, acne, eye irritation, dull complexion and accelerated skin aging processes.

There are many different ways of removing make up and thousands of various products dedicated to it, starting from wet wipes, through micellar waters, make up removing lotions to natural oils. The choice is yours.

Today I want to describe my own, favorite method of removing make-up using a mixture of natural fruit seed oils rich in essential fatty acids, enriched with natural Vitamin E and a natural, plant-derived emulsifier which turns into a light milky lotion in contact with water, making it easier to remove from the skin.

To remove your make up and sebum, apply two pumps of the Oil, previously warmed up between your palms, to your skin. Carefully massage your face and let the oil dissolve all the impurities. Take your time- make sure the oil gets everywhere to clean skin pores thoroughly. Finally, massage the oil into your closed eyelids dissolving eye make up and mascara. Rinse your face thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Time for the second step - removing the residue of the oil and impurities with a water-based cleansing product containing mild cleansing agents. Check out one of my previous posts to find out what products to choose and what ingredients on the label you should avoid. Also pay attention to the temperature of the water. Too hot water dries out the skin.

Now, that your skin is clean, it's time to restore its acidic pH. Face Toner will do this for you. It will also prevent the multiplication of bacteria and support the proper functioning of the sebaceous glands.

Your skin is finally ready to receive the best - moisturizing and nourishing ingredients contained in serums, creams and oils.

Sylwia Marchewka


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