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Black Friday- where from?how?why?

Where does the name 'Black Friday' come from?

Black Friday sales have become a part of shopping traditions around the world. We associate them with the best prices, promotions and long queues.

But where does this tradition and name come from?


In the 1950s, on the occasion of Thanksgiving Day, large parades were held in the USA, in which crowds of people took part.

Philadelphia shopkeepers began to wonder how to attract these people to their stores. So they began to announce the best goods, prices and sales at their exhibitions, which were to attract potential customers to their stores in the coming days. And that's exactly what happened - the first Friday after Thanksgiving turned out to be the best sales day in Philadelphia.


How did the term 'Black Friday' originate? There are several theories about this, but the two most likely are:

In 1961, in Philadelphia, the local police used this term to describe crowds of people during Christmas shopping that they could not cope with.


 The second theory is that Black Friday refers to accounting books in which transactions were shown in red for most of the year, and in the case of huge profits generated before Christmas, they were shown in black.



Over time, the phrase spread throughout the United States. In 1975, the New York Times named Black Friday the best sales day of the year.


Currently, Black Friday sales are known all over the world, you can take advantage of them in stationary stores or, as has been the case with us since 2016 - relaxed, with a cup of coffee in your hand, online - without queues, crowds and rush.


Warmest invite


Sylwia, Łukasz, Asia, Magda, Monika i Agata.

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