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Should I choose Deodorant or Antiperspirant?

Spring and Summer are slowly approaching, probably most of us (me definitely) are already looking forward to long, warm, sunny days.

At this time, in Mayka, we usually observe an increase in popularity of our natural deodorants. Since a lot of you ask me about the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant, or use the two names interchangeably, below are a few words of explanation.

Before a hot, sunny day, increased physical activity or stressful situation, we use deodorant or antiperspirant to avoid the unpleasant odour and stains on clothes, which will very effectively take away our comfort and self-confidence.


Antiperspirant is a cosmetic that blocks sweat. Contains aluminum salts that act like a blockage preventing sweat from escaping onto the skin surface. This keeps us feeling fresh and comfortable for many hours. Although it has not been scientifically proven that antiperspirants used correctly and washed away every day, can be harmful to health, many people especially with sensitive skin do not tolerate it in such a delicate area as the armpit. This is due to antiperspirants often containing alcohol, perfumes or preservatives that may cause skin irritation and redness.

The deodorant, on the other hand, is dedicated to people with less perspiration, or for use on more 'lazy' days. On such days it is worth trusting our body, enabling it to sweat naturally, remove toxins, regulate body temperature and allow the deodorant only to neutralize the bacteria formed on our skin and the unpleasant smell they cause.

Which one to choose? Which option is more beneficial to us? Which one is healthier?

In my opinion, as in every area of life, balance and harmony are needed to find the right answer.

In our offer, you will find two natural deodorant sticks, without aluminum salts, alcohol, perfume and also without sodium bicarbonate (often used in natural deodorants, but sometimes causing skin irritation).

Their base consists of natural skin-nourishing ingredients such as Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, and Natural Vitamin E.

The active ingredient of our deodorants is an innovative, made in a modern German laboratory, a bactericidal ingredient that extremely effectively neutralizes bacteria that cause unpleasant odour. In-vivo studies confirm its 24-hour effectiveness, and the best thing is that it is natural.

In addition, our deodorants contain Organic Arrowroot Flour, which absorbs some of the moisture, increasing comfort and reducing stains on clothes, and of course essential oils with antibacterial and deodorizing effect so we can smell fresh and natural.

You can find two variants to choose from in our offer:

Cypress with Eucalyptus or Lemongrass with Peppermint.


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