Soaps Set

Soaps Set includes:


  • Tangerine & Neroli Soap 100g

Soap, SLS, SLES, Paraben, synthethic colour and fragrance free, perfect for everybody, gentle enough for children. Vegetable based, with soothing cucumber and aloe vera, nourishing carrot oil, with the essential oils of Neroli, Lemon and Tangerine..

  • Herbal Soap 100g

Vegetable based soap, SLS, SLES, synthetic colour and fragrance free, mild and gentle. With soothing Aloe Vera, gently exfoliating Strawberry Seeds, anti inflammatory and antibacterial tea tree essential oils. 

  • Pure African Black Soap 100g

Pure African Black soap with no additives, perfect for all skin types, mild and gentle without SLES, PARABENS and other toxic substances,restores skin's natural balance. Great for face and body. Helps with eczema/psioriasis/acne.

Soaps Set

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